Campaign Give Now portlet

Give now button exampleA new Give Now portlet has been added to RedDot. This new portlet gives users a simple way to add our Campaign for Nebraska’s give now button to the sidebar.

Add it like you would any portlet to a 3 column page. When you get to the list of portlets available, you will see a new option titled “Campaign Give Now Button.” Select it and the button will be added you the right hand column of your page. There will be a red dot above the button that allows you to add a url.

For an example of the button on a page, check out Eppley Institute’s website.


Changes to header and left hand nav

We have made some minor changes to both the top header bar and the left hand nav of our site. These changes were made to increase overall legibility and to improve accessibility.

Top header bar

Below is a before and after of our top header bar with a list of changes made.



  • Links in tan bar changed from red to black. There wasn’t enough contrast between the red and tan, which made the links hard to read.
  • The drop down box, labeled “Log In” above, was increased in size and the text was darkened.
  • The search box was increased in size and given a white background to make it easier to find. It was also moved to the right of the drop down box on sites that have it.
  • “Information for” links were increased in size.


Left hand nav

We also made slight changes to the left hand nav of our site. Before, the links were red and once active, turned to black. We have reversed this so the links are now black and turn red once on that page. This was done to increase legibility and decrease the amount of red on our pages.