• On March 3rd, EMPOWER hosted a V-Day event titled, “A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and a Prayer: Writings to End Violence Against Women and Girls”. It included 6 readings by UNO forensic students and live music. There were a total of 7 UNMC students, 8 UNO students, and 10 community members in attendance.


  • On April 1st, EMPOWER held a Schwartz Center Rounds to discuss practical applications for medical professionals to respond to victims of sexual assault. Panel members included: Anne Boatright, a sexual assault nurse examiner and coordinator at Methodist Hospital; Julie Rannells, a WCA volunteer on-call advocate; and Sue Michalski, a domestic violence survivor and sexual assault nurse examiner. There were 21 students, 7 faculty, 14 social workers, and 4 other community members in attendance.


  • On April 3rd, from 5 to 7 pm, EMPOWER hosted a discussion group to watch the documentary “Girl Rising”. The film documents girls around the world standing up for their right to education. There were 16 students (11 CON, 4 COPH, and 1 MMI) and 4 community members in attendance.


  • On April 11th, EMPOWER held a fundraiser at Jimi D’s. EMPOWER was able to raise $500 and about 85 people supported the event.


  • CONGRATULATIONS to the new Empower Board Members! Check out their information HERE!


  • Obama Honors Empower Project

A delegation from UNMC’s EMPOWER project was among 15 student groups honored by President Barack Obama on March 15 at the White House.