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Bridge to Care Brochure

Refugee:  someone who is unwilling or unable to return to his country of origin because of previous persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution, based on the person’s race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion    (Southern Sudan Community Association). 


  • Established April 2010
  • Bridge to Care is an interdisciplinary student-run organization that seeks to facilitate positive health care outcomes for recently resettled refugees by discerning group specific needs, aiding in acculturation and health care education, and improving cultural awareness among community health care providers.


  • Provide health education to local resettled refugees
  • Provide education to students in the health care field in order to increase their cultural awareness of the health needs
  • Offer opportunities for health care providers to interact with refugees and increase their awareness of refugee health


  • Monthly sessions
  • Meet with each refugee group for 3 consecutive months.
  • Student receive presentation on refugee health needs
  • Refugees arrive and interact with students
  • Enjoy a meal with the refugees.
  • Health related presentations.

Bridge to Care Mentoring Program

  • Mentor high school refugees
  • 10 hours fall semester, and 5 hours spring semester
  • Meetings at high school during study hall or after school (flexible schedules)
  • Topics to mentor:  ACT/SAT, How to look for and apply to a college, scholarships, what major to pick, what life on campus is like

Opportunities to get Involved!

  • Students serve on the Bridge to Care leadership board
  • Students can plan/ run sessions.
  • Students can be mentors
  • Help with annual flu shot.
  • Help plan refugee annual health fair.


Bridge to Care’s efforts begin with and return to the concerns, goals, and quality of life of refugees in our community.

Bridge to Care’s mission is to provide recently arrived refugees the knowledge and cultural skills necessary for the successful navigation of health care resources.

To this end, we dialogue with each group to ascertain specific needs and concerns, and connect them to resources accordingly.

Bridge to Care also works to inform current and future health care providers of cultural considerations, in order to improve provider-patient relationships.

Bridge to Care’s continuing dialogue with various refugee populations also provides an avenue for describing group-specific health needs with both accuracy and relevance.


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