Transatlantic Networks of Excellence Program Call for Applications

LOI Deadline:  September 5, 2014

Fondation Leducq announces a call for applications for the 2014-2015 Transatlantic Networks of Excellence Program. Under this program the Fondation Leducq awards grants of up to U.S. $6,000,000 over five years for internationally collaborative research in cardiovascular and neuro-vascular disease. As of 2014, the foundation has supported 43 networks, representing more than 390 investigators at 128 institutions in 18 countries. For the 2014-2015 application cycle, Fondation Leducq will use a web-based application system hosted by Altum proposalCENTRAL. Information about the application process and details about important dates in the 2014-2015 application cycle can be found on our website at under Transatlantic Networks of Excellence. Due date for letters of intent is Friday, September 5, 2014, 11:59 pm Paris time.

Future of Nursing Scholars Call for Proposals

Proposal Deadline:  October 1, 2014

The goal of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Future of Nursing Scholars program is to develop the next generation of PhD-prepared nurse leaders who are committed to long-term leadership careers that advance science and discovery, strengthen nursing education, and bring transformational change to nursing and health care.

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Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Awards

The Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Awards, named in honor of the first chair of PCORI’s Board of Governors, encourage active integration of patients, caregivers, clinicians, and other healthcare stakeholders as integral members of the research process. The Engagement Awards program provides a platform to expand the role of all stakeholders in research and to support PCORI’s Engagement Imperative, defined in our Strategic Plan.

Our engagement strategies include developing a skilled community of patients and other stakeholders from across the entire healthcare enterprise and involving them meaningfully in every aspect of our work—from the development of our research priorities to the dissemination of research findings. These strategies aim to increase the usefulness and trustworthiness of the information we produce, facilitating its dissemination and uptake.

Engagement of patients and other stakeholders helps researchers ask questions meaningful to those groups, design and conduct the research in a way that provides valuable information, interpret the study findings appropriately, and communicate them effectively. Our engagement strategies also familiarize researchers and other stakeholders with our model of patient-centered research.

Eugene Washington at a meeting in St. Louis

We are accepting applications (see table below) and funding awards in the following categories:

Knowledge Awards. These projects will build knowledge about how consumers of healthcare information view patient-centered outcomes research and comparative effectiveness research (PCOR/CER); how they receive and make use of PCOR/CER findings; and/or what evidence they need to reach health and healthcare decisions. We also welcome projects that will increase a stakeholder community’s knowledge of PCORI and PCOR/CER.

Training and Development Awards. These projects will build capacity for healthcare community engagement in PCOR/CER. The projects will promote training of patients and other stakeholders to participate in PCOR/CER; create methods to connect patients and other stakeholders with the research community; and/or facilitate patient and other stakeholder engagement in PCOR/CER.

Dissemination Awards. These projects will support activities that develop channels for dissemination and implementation of PCOR/CER evidence. Projects in this category may also identify, build, and strengthen partnerships and find facilitators for spreading PCOR/CER findings. We will also support projects that disseminate and implement PCOR/CER findings in creative ways, especially within PCORI’s priority populations.

In addition, we fund other projects with specific objectives, tasks, and application processes described in Engagement Award Initiative Notices (EAINs). Current EAINs are:

Separate from the Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Awards are our Pipeline to Proposal Awards. This initiative seeks to shift the research-funding paradigm, allowing patients and other stakeholders to engage and partner with researchers to study the issues that are most critical to them.


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Letter of Inquiry Deadline:

Received on a rolling basis

Letters of Inquiry will be screened for responsiveness to the call for applications and fit to program goals. Only those selected will be permitted to submit full applications.


Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) will award up to $15.5 million in 2014 as part of the Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Awards program for projects that encourage active integration of patients, caregivers, clinicians, and other healthcare stakeholders as integral members of the patient-centered outcomes research/clinical effectiveness research (PCOR/CER) enterprise.

*Key Dates:

Online System Opens

February 13, 2014

Applicant Webinar

February 13, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. (ET)

Letter of Inquiry (LOI)

Received on a rolling basis

LOI Screening Notification

Within 45 days of LOI receipt

Application Deadline (by invitation only)

Within 60 days of invitation receipt

Award Announced

Within 45 days of application receipt

Maximum Project Period:

2 years

Funds Available:

Up to approximately $250,000


Applications may be submitted by any private sector research organization, including any nonprofit or for-profit organization and any public sector research organization, including any university or college hospital or healthcare system, laboratory or manufacturer, or unit of local, state, or federal government. All US applicant organizations must be recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. Non-domestic components of organizations based in the United States and foreign organizations may apply, as long as there is demonstrable benefit to the US healthcare system, and US efforts in the area of patient-centered research can be clearly shown. Organizations may submit multiple applications for funding. Individuals are not permitted to apply.

Review Criteria:

1. Program Fit

2. Project Plan and Timeline

3. Qualifications of the Project Lead

4. Personnel and Collaborators

5. Past Performance

6. Budget/Cost Proposal

Applicant Resources:

Letter of Inquiry

Applicant FAQs

Eligibility Quiz

Online User Manual: Submit a Letter of Inquiry

Online Application System

Organizational Summary Worksheet

Program Guidelines

Review Process


Online User Manual: Submit Full Proposal

Application Checklist

Application Guidelines

Biosketch Templates

Board of Directors Template

Contract Service Agreement

Budget Justification Template

Budget Template

Workplan Template


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