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KM Islam, MBBS, PhD: Research on Patient-Defined Treatment Success and Preferences in Stage IV Lung Cancer Patients

KM Islam, MD PhD

Spotlight on Research at COPH – Dr. Islam is currently conducting a study that compares treatment preferences of patient groups that have been diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer living in rural and urban areas of Nebraska and South Dakota. Stage IV lung cancers most often affect the elderly. When the disease is advanced, chemotherapy is the main treatment. There are many chemotherapy combinations that are available for the treatment of late-stage lung cancer that have a similar survival effect for the cancer patient but differ… Continue Reading

Refugee Health Collaborative of Omaha, Nebraska

Refugee Health Collaborative of Omaha, Nebraska

Public Health Community Advisory –  According to the World Refugee Survey 2008, 14 million people are refugees and asylum seekers. A refugee is a person “who is unable or unwilling to return to his or her country of origin because of previous persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution, based on the person’s race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.” Secondary migrants are those refugees who have originally resettled in one part of the country and have subsequently moved to… Continue Reading

CS-CASH – Educating Farmers About Hearing Loss

Chandran Achutan , PhD

Public Health Practice –Dr. Chandran Achutan in the department of Environmental, Agricultural and Occupational Health is hoping that the Nebraska farming community is listening carefully to his message. Dr. Achutan is spreading the word about the importance of using hearing protection to a group vulnerable to hearing loss – farmers. Educating farmers about the causes and prevention of hearing loss is just one part of a four-year study funded by the Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health with the goal of reducing occupational hearing… Continue Reading

UNMC College of Public Health Program Offerings

UNMC College of Public Health

Education Highlight – When was the last time you reviewed all of our educational program offerings?  Faculty and staff have developed more than 20 programs since 2010. The UNMC College of Public Health offers a wide range of programs and degrees to provide students with a comprehensive, well-rounded education in public health.  And not only do our programs have a strong reputation, but our tuition rates are affordable. Program options include ten Master of Public Health concentrations; six Professional Certificates; a Master of Science in… Continue Reading

Jonathan Ali

Jonathan Ali

Student Highlight –  Jonathan Ali is a PHD Environmental Toxicology student, in the Environmental and Occupational Health concentration. Hometown: Dayton, Ohio What brought you to public health? I worked in a hospital for six years with a pharmacist who encouraged me to pursue a graduate degree and I have a strong interest in the environment. Public health typically seems to be concerned with primarily hospitals, clinics, and man-made environments. The broader environment, and the importance of things like air, water, soil and the planet that… Continue Reading

Sarena Dacus, MPH

Sarena Dacus, MPH

Alumni Highlight: Sarena Dacus Hometown: Omaha, NE Year graduated from our program: 2013 Degree and concentration: MPH, Community Health Education Current career position: I currently serve as the Executive Director of FAMILY, Inc. A non-profit organization providing public health and family support services to women, children and families in Southwest Iowa. We have the ability to administer our program in a manner that allows for in-depth care coordination throughout the critical early years of child development and beyond. After beginning my public health career in… Continue Reading

Aaron Yoder, PhD: Research using information technology to improve the health and safety of individuals

Aaron Yoder, PhD

Spotlight on Research at COPH – Dr. Aaron Yoder has always liked to fix things, which led to his education in engineering. He was taught early on that he could use his engineering skills to protect and improve the well-being of others. Now Dr. Yoder uses his passion for engineering and information technology to improve the health and safety of individuals. Most recently Dr. Yoder has been exploring ways to use new technologies like smartphones, smartphone accessories, fitness trackers, smart watches and other wearable technologies… Continue Reading