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HHS releases final rules on insurance marketplace navigators

The Health and Human Services Department on Friday finalized rules for training and certifying the “navigators” who will help people make sense of their options under health reform. Navigators will provide in-person assistance to people trying to figure out their coverage options through the healthcare law’s newly created insurance exchanges.   Read more here

Why Low-Income Patients Prefer Hospital Care to a Doctor’s Office

Patients with low socioeconomic status use emergency and hospital care more often than primary care because they believe hospital care is more affordable and convenient, and of better quality than care provided by primary care physicians, according to the results of a new study published in Health Affairs. “This study debunks the perception that low-SES individuals abuse the emergency room and need to be educated on its proper use,” said David Grande, MD, MPA, assistant professor of Medicine at Penn Medicine and senior author on… Continue Reading

Employer Mandate is Delayed 1 Year

The White House on Tuesday abruptly announced a one-year delay, until 2015, in his health care law’s mandate that larger employers provide coverage for their workers or pay penalties. The decision postpones the effective date beyond next year’s midterm elections. The 2010 Affordable Care Act required employers with more than 50 full-time workers to offer them affordable health insurance starting next year or face fines. Some companies with payrolls just above that threshold said they would cut jobs or switch some full-time workers to part-time employment… Continue Reading

Top 5 Things to Know about Health Reform

As we ramp up to implementing major parts of the Affordable Care Act, it is important to educate the public about how the law benefits them. A story by the AP narrows down this list to 5 key points to understand how the health reform law could help insurance coverage to be more affordable for individuals and families. View the full article here

Report details access to oral health care in Nebraska

Oral health contributes to overall health; therefore, it is important to understand the level of access to oral health care in Nebraska. Our analysis of the most recently available data in Nebraska on access to oral health care and on the oral health workforce indicates that in 2010, 68.4% of Nebraskans aged 18 years and older visited a dentist within the past year. The number of dentists per 100,000 population decreased by 2.85% between 2008 and 2012, and the number of dentists older than 60… Continue Reading