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Dodoma, Tanzania May 2015

Here are some pictures. We are teaching V Scan  ultrasound to our colleagues, and you will see that we are preparing for a Rheumatic Heart Disease screening project, because of the high prevalence of RHD and severe consequences for children and adults. I will be working with cardiologist, and with two of my MPH colleagues to accomplish this outreach project for all presenting pregnant patients in 3 out of the 7 districts here, randomly of course! ha! Little babies were scanned at the Dodoma General Hospital. We were scanning after requested… Continue Reading

Applied Epidemiology: A new course taught by Danstan Bagenda, PhD

Danstan Bagenda, PhD

Education Highlight –Danstan Bagenda, PhD joined the UNMC Department of Epidemiology as a faculty member in 2015. Dr. Bagenda is a Uganda native with a PhD in Global Disease Epidemiology and Control from Johns Hopkins University, and a Master of Science in Biostatistics from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). He has been teaching medical students since 1989, using research methodologies to help improve the quality of patient care. Dr. Bagenda has also taught MPH classes in Public Health Nutrition, and Health Services,… Continue Reading

Theresa Tonozzi, MPH

Theresa Tonozzi, MPH

Alumni Highlight – Theresa Tonozzi, MPH Hometown: Glenwood Springs, Colorado Graduated: 2013 Master of Public Health, Environmental, Agricultural and Occupational Health Current position: I currently work for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) which is the federal agency devoted to conducting research and providing recommendations to prevent work-related injury and illness. I have been researching work-related injuries among minority populations in the U.S. I have greatly enhanced my skills in epidemiologic practices, encompassing the phases from data analysis to results dissemination. A… Continue Reading

COPH Faculty Team Supports Nebraska Medicine in Clinical Effectiveness and Efficiency


Faculty members at the College of Public Health are supporting the Nebraska Medicine’s Clinical Enterprise for the Clinical Effectiveness and Efficiency (CE2) efforts. This effort is a part of one of the UNMC strategic goals to ensure that UNMC Colleges and Institutes are optimally integrated with Nebraska Medicine in the patient care settings. This effort will help towards reducing patients’ morbidity and mortality and healthcare costs, improving patient experience and health outcomes. CE2 is multi-disciplinary team comprised of MDs, nurses, allied health professionals, administrators, industrial… Continue Reading

Aja Kneip Pelster

Aja Kneip Pelster

Student Highlight – Aja Kneip Pelster Hometown: Omaha Degree program/concentration – Ph.D. Student, Department of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research What brought you to the field of public health? After graduating from UNL, I joined the Peace Corps in Uzbekistan. Because of my brief background in athletic training and lifeguarding in high school, the recruiter suggested public health. It wasn’t long after leaving for Uzbekistan that I realized my passion for the field. What do you like most about the College of Public Health… Continue Reading

Shaping Nebraska to Become the Healthiest State in the Nation by 2020


Public Health Community Advisory –  Becoming the healthiest state in the nation will take a systematic and collective approach with collaboration between committed stakeholders throughout Nebraska. Nebraska’s current health ranking is 10th (America’s Health Rankings, 2015), so, not too bad…there are only 9 other states in front of us! However, to move up those nine spots by 2020 requires that Nebraskans band together to work on target priorities. Two identified priorities are binge drinking and colorectal screening. Nebraska currently ranks 44th and 35th respectively in these… Continue Reading

UNMC and Nebraska Medicine Designated to Co-Lead the National Ebola Training and Education Center

John Lowe, PhD

Public Health Practice- In July 2015 the University of Nebraska Medical Center, New York Bellevue Hospital, and Emory University in Atlanta were designated as National Ebola Training and Education Centers through a $12 million U.S. Department of Health and Human Services grant. UNMC and Nebraska Medicine will receive $5.1 million over a five year period to develop best practices for health care workers and hospitals responsible for handling and treating patients with Ebola and other highly infectious diseases. In the last year, the U.S. Centers for… Continue Reading