UNMC Student Senate

11.7.2015 Minutes

Student Senate Agenda

Wednesday, November 4th 2015                       Sorrell Center 2018, 5:30pm


  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Previous Minutes
  3. Roll Call with Clickers
  4. Guest Speaker:
    1. University of Nebraska President – Hank Bounds
      1. Growth rates of campus
      2. Resourced – good and competitive place with peers
  • Research not doing as well
  1. Improvement of facilities
  2. Not as collaborative as we should be – in the process of removing barriers
  3. Good relationship with legislature and expanding relationship with department of defense
  • Students overall feel like they’re getting a good education
  • Questions: Tyler – online alumni network, heard from other colleges? Hank – met with alumni directors – bigger issue than just the one network, foundation needs to be structurally separate, but functionally integrated – in process for eliminating those barriers. Allow students to keep their UNMC email address, ensuring we have the right amount of security. Alumni network – it’s coming, but will be a process. Laura – do you ever collaborate with other research? Heather – increase research funding, getting funding is difficult. Hank – more competitive by collaborating. Tyler – how instrumental is innovation campus. Hank – idea behind how to be an accelerator, need more space, money – headed in right direction. NC best known for this work. Should’ve started this 15 years ago – behind. Rebecca – incentives for instructors. Hank – kicking it off as an opportunity, 80 proposals so far. Jack – library situation, collections cut, anything being done. Hank – I believe we have resolved that issue, and if we haven’t, we are very close to resolving. Hank – think about how I can engage more with students, I am going to start having luncheons, events with different organizations at night. If you come up with ideas you can email me directly. Tyler – idea, contest where students submit questions and can do a google hangout. Hank – I have just mastered twitter, please send me your thoughts on that.
  1. Advisor’s Report
    1. Carver – keep up the good work, keep the positive trend! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything!
  2. Executive Council’s Reports:
    1. President
      1. Senator Merv Riepe to hold an informational session next Tuesday November, 10th from 12pm-1pm in Sorrell 2010. Help spread the word.
        1. Legislation – direct primary care: can engage with him on what you think about it and if you would want to see the bill go further or if you’re opposed to it.
      2. Potential Resolution for Styrofoam free campus coming to December Senate. Contact me with questions/comments.
        1. Not Styrofoam packing, just mostly things from the C-store (i.e. Styrofoam cups and boxes, etc.)
  • Public Access to the Library has changed. Need ID after 5pm.
  1. Vice President –
  2. Treasurer – Mercury
    1. $63,690 total cost center
    2. $11,670 in NU foundation
  • Andrew – brief overview, using funds to collect interest and use that money for a mentor or teaching award. Joe – any threat to decrease student activity fee at this point? Andrew – no, we hit targets for our budget – keep some in reserve, but we have a big enough amount that is just sitting there and need to do something with. Dr. Carver – surplus – mistake made and student senate money got budgeted to the wrong account, still benefiting from that and the money is just sitting there, don’t see any reason why we need to raise money from alternative resources. Rebecca – if we don’t raise money and spend what we plan to spend on Leadership Summit, it doesn’t leave much leftover. Mercury – don’t need a lot of money, but increases collaboration. Dr. Carver – we should ask when we need it. Didn’t feel comfortable going out and asking for money.
  1. Secretary – Sam – clickers are assigned
  1. College Reports:
    1. Allied Health – Brittany – microwaves are great!
    2. College of Medicine – nothing
    3. College of Nursing – Nov 24 – annual blanket making, Nov 10 baking sale, goal 215 fleece blankets to donate, everyone is invited – spread the word
    4. College of Pharmacy – head of pharmacy practice left – have an interim and will be putting out a search. Andrew – include students in the search? Pharm – not sure
    5. College of Public Health – nothing
    6. Graduate Studies – Tyler – thank you for letting us hijack your advertising, still trying to get alumni network going, thanksgiving event – international students join local students for thanksgiving.
  2. Committee Reports:
    1. Activities Committee – Rebecca – still need one more Christmas tree, last month’s student seminar didn’t have a good turnout. Andrew – encourage everyone to go to those – last one was on mentoring. Parking at facility is free
    2. Issues Committee – new vice chair who takes notes
    3. Academic Affairs Committee
      1. Student e-learning projects had 30 applications, going to fund 20 $1000 grants.
        1. Teaching academy – up by end of semester, meet and greet for director position this month
      2. Jack – not academic related – land bought on saddle creek – drafting up legal proposals and very receptive to what I had to say and welcome more input from students, have ideas for green space and park
    4. Liaison Reports:
      1. IT: Jose – trouble with sending out emails to student communication, got it resolved, but if you hear any issues let modulator know
      2. Legislative: nothing
      3. Live Green: utilize recycling campus-wide
      4. Security
        1. New Security App coming, portable blue light app. Trip leaving to check out one option on 11/11 at 7:30am returning early afternoon.
          1. Mercury – increased security is needed, and necessary to have cameras on
        2. Lift app – similar to shuttle service like last year
  • Sunday Nov 8th shutting off all power to Sorrell for approximately 8 hours – will send out email because they don’t want students in the building
  1. Student Health Services
    1. To attend next Senate meeting let Runze know if you have issues that you would like them to address.
      1. Will be at next full senate meeting
    2. International Student Assoc
      1. All international students on campus and those interested in international issues – spread the word
    3. Old Business:
    4. New Business:
      1. BOSS Funding Approval
        1. Issues Committee made recommendations of who we should fund for BOSS proposals
        2. Heather – 5 proposals submitted – little more consistency in application form, voted to fund bridge to care healthcare $750 for translators, clinical like experience and work with refugees; voted to provide grad student association breaking barriers forum – address misconceptions, international and cultural awareness $500. Keep $250 for next semesters BOSS proposals. Did not fund blanket project – benefit not for students. SOMA annual research fair – didn’t match interprofessional nature for what the BOSS proposal is for. And UNMC makers – didn’t benefit a lot of students
  • Discussion – Mercury – make clear, if we fund it will be $1250, leftover next spring is $250 (adding onto $1500 = $1750). Rebecca – how is Bridge to Care helping all students, is it just med students? Jose – reads proposal for Bridge to Care. Heather – strong interprofessional experience. Andrew – any further discussion. Mercury – vote separate. Andrew – vote as one unless someone opposed. Mercury – funding specified for breaking barriers? Heather – GSA is already contributing. Mercury – international week and have a lot of funding already. Not opposing, just giving suggestions. Heather – GSA asked for $1500 but we are only giving $500 used misc in budget. Rebecca – asked to resubmit last year bc of misc in budget, but came highly recommended.
  1. Move into vote – Andrew, approve both projects as they are
    1. Results: For: Opposed: 1
  2. Next Meeting:
    1. Wednesday, November 18th 2015 Committee Meeting: 5:30pm (Sorrell 2018)
  3. Adjournment