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Comments invited on Library Web site redesign

The Library’s redesigned web site is ready for viewing in a “beta” version (on campus only)! The goal of the redesigned site is to bring more resources to the front and reduce the amount of searching and clicking. Take a look, and let us know what you think. Give feedback using the online form

The new design has several improvements:

  • McGoogan Library News, ‘About Us’, Research Help, and Services are now available on the Home Page
  • Research Help, the library’s custom research portals, are now available in a drop down by group format (COD, CON, COP, etc)
  • A navbar has been applied across all .html pages to help users more easily naviage the site

Input from the campus community has been incorporated into the design and is still invited, so please let us know your opinions.


Article of interest-"Submitting manuscripts to biomedical journals:Common errors and helpful solutions"

Johnson C, Green B. Submitting manuscripts to biomedical journals: Common errors and helpful solutions. J Manipulative Physiol Ther 2009 Jan;32(1):1-12.
“This article reviews common, but avoidable, errors that authors may make when submitting to a health care–focused, biomedical journal (eg, chiropractic, medicine, nursing, and physical therapy). As editors, we offer suggestions for improving the quality of manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals, provide suggestions for how to avoid making errors, and recommend effective writing and submission strategies. Read the full abstract [here].” Article is currently free online.

[as seen on Anne T-V's Blog.]

Change is afoot on the library website!

You may have noticed a new look to some of the pages within the library’s main website.  These pages were created with the product LibGuides, a Web 2.0 tool that makes it easier for the library to bring content to the various specialized groups and interests at UNMC.

Some of the focused pages for groups include:

Other pages are a re-invented version of past library suggested resources and education:

McGoogan Library of Medicine welcomes UNMC Alumni Weekend visitors

We welcome all UNMC Alumni Weekend “One class-World class” visitors as they visit the library and the campus. Come and see first-hand how the current students, faculty and staff have their biomedical information needs met through expert librarian assistance, world-wide library networks, and technology. Visit the Rare Book Rooms, and check out the honor years’ medical graduates’ theses.