McGoogan News

McGoogan goes antimicrobial

Computers located at the 6th floor Reference area and 8th floor Wilson Library Training Room are now sporting antimicrobial keyboards and mice. Antimicrobial silver ions are embedded in the plastic, which is also dishwasher safe! We don’t plan on testing that manufacturer’s assertion, but the keyboards and mice will be easier to clean. Additionally, wall-mounted handsanitizer dispensers have been strategically placed near computer areas.

Please note that these keyboards and mice are not available on the ITS computers located on the 6th floor (northwest side) and 8th floor ITS training room and Sievers cluster.

While on the topic, sinks for the restrooms should arrive within the next few weeks. Handsanitizer is available, along with the sink in the 6th floor Linder Lounge. Many apologies for this inconvenience.

Library restrooms closed for repair

The restrooms in the library (Wittson Hall floors 6 – 8 ) will be in various states of repair for the next few weeks. Currently, sinks are not in use. Hand sanitizer has been placed in the open restrooms. If there is none, please notify the Circulation Desk. The sink in the 6th floor Linder Lounge is available for use. If a bathroom is not available, please use restrooms on any of the other floors in Wittson Hall. The library apologizes for this inconvenience.

Leisure reading area moved

The leisure reading area in the library has moved from the 7th to the 6th floor.  When entering the library, go left past the New Books and Consumer Health shelving to find an assortment of newspapers and magazines.

Computer cluster changes

The current library cluster located on the 8th floor has been moved to the former Sievers Facility which is located to the right of the old cluster, through the two glass doors.  The new cluster will be reduced to 14 computers, but will have two new printers and a new scanner accessible in the room.  The cluster will be closed at 6:00 P.M. Monday – Friday and on the weekends.

8th floor cluster

Six new computers have been moved to the 6th floor of the Library to the left of the current Interlibrary Loan Department.  A printer is networked for these computers and will be located in the copy room on the 6th floor to the left of the Circulation Desk.  Scanning will also be available in the copy room as well as a printer that prints colored copies.

6th floor mini-cluster

Computers in these two clusters are only available for UNMC faculty, staff, and students and will require Lotus Notes or LDAP accounts for access.

Library Construction Near Complete

Here is an update on the state of the Library’s construction status: 

Drywall patching will continue through Friday, painters will work next Monday-Tuesday to finish their tasks.

this project was supposed to deal with and improve a number of ventilation problems. Project engineers and consultants are trying to come up with some solutions for Roxanne’s office and I continue to make restroom ventilation on 8 a major issue.

Accumulated dust coming out of the duct work has made life miserable for everyone on the west side of 8. Right now the ducts are at very high pressure due to the changes that have been made. To reduce the pressure, some airflow will be diverted or dumped into the mechanical rooms on level 5. If that doesn’t work, they’ll try something else. This problem won’t be totally resolved until air handlers 5 and 6 are replaced in the fall. AT UNMC’s request, the contractors are waiting til the weather has a better chance of staying cool.

New track lighting has been installed on level 6 in the currents area. Unfortunately, we couldn’t install track lighting above the CHIRS collection because there are sprinkler system pipes in the soffit there. However, we will run electrical power to CHIRS (Rod’s good idea) and then we’ll work work with Facilities Management to find appropriate fixtures to light the area outside Marie’s office.