New exhibit: Medieval Medical Illustrations

View the latest panel exhibit in the library’s Linder Lounge: Though a Mirror Darkly: The Art of Medieval Medical Illustrations.

The artists and draftsmen of medical books in the Middle Ages appreciated just as much as we do today the value of pictures in the conveying of certain kinds of information. Pictures could be used to illustrate case histories, to demonstrate techniques, to make instruments for diagnosis and prognosis, to reveal structures and functions within the body and to depict the substances needed to make medicine.

Endowment funds buy books

Thanks to the following endowment funds, the library has added, to date, 71 titles to the book collection. Some of these books are now displayed inside the library’s entrance on the 6th floor.

  • Edgar Adler
  • Alice Buffet
  • George Hays
  • Morris Margolin
  • Paul Marx
  • COM Class of 1977 in honoring Drs. W.K. and Norah Metcalf
  • Howard Mitchell
  • Melvin L. Sommer
  • Chester Q. Thompson

Books by authors at UNMC now on display

Books that have been authored, edited, or contributed to by UNMC faculty are now on display in the library. They are located on the shelving near the entrance to the library on the 6th floor and include an annotation of the UNMC authors or editors. The books include:

  • ACS surgery : principles & practice / Wiley W. Souba … [et al.].
  • Atlas of minimally invasive hand and wrist surgery / edited by John T. Capo, Virak Tan.
  • Cell biology : a laboratory handbook / edited by Julio E. Celis.
  • Essential clinical procedures / [edited by] Richard W. Dehn, David P. Asprey.
  • Greenfield’s surgery : scientific principles and practice / editors, Michael W. Mulholland … [et al.], with 216 contributors illustrations by Holly R. Fischer.
  • Institutional review board : management and function / [edited by] Elizabeth A. Bankert, Robert J. Amdur.
  • Mastery of vascular and endovascular surgery / editors, Gerald B. Zelenock … [et al.].
  • Medical care for children & adults with developmental disabilities / edited by I. Leslie Rubin and Allen C. Crocker.
  • Multicultural medicine and health disparities / [edited by] David Satcher, Rubens J. Pamies contributing editor, Nancy N. Woelfl.
  • Nanoparticulates as drug carriers / editor, Vladimir P. Torchilin.
  • Deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease / edited by Gordon H. Baltuch, Matthew B. Stern.
  • Neurosurgical emergencies / [edited by] Christopher M. Loftus.
  • Non-viral gene therapy : gene design and delivery / K. Taira, K. Kataoka, T. Niidome, eds.
  • Pediatric hematopoietic stem cell transplantation / edited by Ronald M. Kline.
  • Pulmonary medicine review / [editors-in-chief], Michael Zevitz, Richard Lenhardt.
  • Review of vascular surgery : companion to Vascular surgery, 6th edition / Robert B. Rutherford.
  • Sabiston textbook of surgery : the biological basis of modern surgical practice / [editors] Courtney M. Townsend Jr. … [et al.].
  • Sabiston textbook of surgery, board review / [edited by] Courtney M. Townsend, Jr. … [et al.].
  • Taylor’s 10-minute diagnosis manual : symptoms and signs in the time-limited encounter / editors, Paul M. Paulman, Audrey A. Paulman, Jeffrey D. Harrison.
  • Taylor’s manual of family medicine / editors, Paul M. Paulman, Audrey A. Paulman, Jeffrey D. Harrison with 201 contributors.
  • The Practice of clinical echocardiography / [edited by] Catherine M. Otto.
  • Trauma. vol. 1, Emergency resuscitation, perioperative anesthesia, surgical management / edited by William C. Wilson, Christopher M. Grande, David B. Hoyt.
  • Tuberculosis & nontuberculous mycobacterial infections / edited by David Schlossberg.
  • Vascular and endovascular surgery : a comprehensive review / [edited by] Wesley S. Moore.
  • Vascular surgery / [edited by] Robert B. Rutherford.