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Excel add-ins and online tools for charting

I wanted to share some excellent tools that I’ve recently learned about. One is a free statistical analysis add-in program for Excel. Greg McFadden from Internal Medicine shared his knowledge with us in a mini-session a couple of weeks ago. To use this add-in: Select Excel Options (available from the Office button in Excel 2007 or File menu in Excel 2010). Click Add-ins and select Go (toward bottom of add-ins window) Place a check on the Analysis ToolPak and click OK. You may get a prompt… Continue Reading

Question of the week of 9/12/10 – PowerPoint diagrams

Question: I need to create a complex organizational chart and some other business diagrams. What application should I use? Answer: I would start out with PowerPoint. PowerPoint 2007 has some very good tools that make it very easy to create organizational charts as well as other professional-looking diagrams. These are found under the Insert tab and click SmartArt. You can see various types of charts – lists, process,cycle,  hierarchical, relationship, matrix,and  pyramid. When you click on the various samples a preview of the diagram appears… Continue Reading