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Outlook Calendar – Printing

Question: How can I print a list view like I had in Lotus Notes? Answer: You may not be able to get the exact print style you had in Lotus Notes, but you can view various printing options, such as Calendar lists and

Changing recurring meetings in Outlook

Question: How do I change recurring meetings in Outlook without changing or losing previous meeting history? Answer: This seems to be an annoying problem in Outlook, and one you have to be very careful with.  If you make any changes to a recurring entry, it could change your previous entries. In addition, if you have information in your message area in individual entries that is not part of the series, that information will be deleted. This is what we recommend when working with recurring entries:… Continue Reading

Email News: How do I set up contacts and groups in Outlook?

Everyone will start with a “clean” Outlook account March 6, as announced earlier this week. To create a contact from calendar view, select New > Contact and enter the name and email address and other fields as desired.  To create a group of contacts or distribution list, from the Contacts view, click New Contact Group (or in Outlook 2007 it is called Distribution list) Shortcuts: You can also drag and drop a message to the Contacts view on PCs. You can also find New > Contact or New… Continue Reading