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Delete suggested contacts no longer needed

Question: Someone sent me an email from their Gmail account from their phone and now every time  I type their name to send them a message from Outlook it automatically fills in that Gmail address instead of the UNMC account. How can I remove that email address, as I forgot to check the address every time and they miss my emails. Answer: With Outlook 2010, go back and type in the person’s name and when you see the Gmail address display in the suggested names, click… Continue Reading

Tiny text/large text in Outlook

Question: This week we had some say their text when typing email messages was very tiny. Then another said their Outlook web mail was large. Answer:  More than likely you accidentally touched the roller on your mouse when holding your control key which zooms text in and out. To zoom larger, hold the Ctrl key and move the roller on the mouse to get the desired size. If you have a Mac, press Ctrl and + or – keys to zoom in and out.

Email to several people without seeing the entire list

Question: How can I send an email to many people without them seeing the entire list of recipients? Answer: Enter the names or group name in the bcc field. This way each person will only see their his/her name. By default you don’t see bcc in an Outlook message, but you can include it by selecting the Options tab and click BCC. This will enable that field to be seen on all new messages.

Word Mail Merge to Outlook

Question:  I would like to create a mail merge to Outlook email so that I can customize the content based on various fields of information. I appeared to follow the steps correctly but no messages were sent? Is this feature disabled at UNMC? Answer: I had the same problem when I tried merging to Outlook. After much searching on the web, I discovered the problem seems to stem from your computer workstation not understanding that Outlook is your default mail program. Even if you have… Continue Reading