Signature for Shared Account

Question: I manage a shared account in which my signature block is different than my personal one. I tried to see how to create a separate signature block for that account and it didn’t work.

Answer: On the Outlook client you can create many signatures from your account, including a signature you plan to use for the shared account. When you send email out on behalf of that other account, you can select the appropriate signature. You might also consider using Outlook Web Access for the shared account if you have full access permission and then you can switch to the other account (as described in the previous posting). You can then create a special signature for that account under Options > See all Options > Settings > Mail and check to have it automatically include on messages you send.

Sending emails from applications

Question: I like being able to attach a Word document or Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation to an Outlook message by just clicking the email option in the application, however I notice it doesn’t add my signature to the message and it requires me to send the message before leaving to check my calendar or other email messages. Is there an option to change that?

Answer: I don’t know of any option to change those quirks, but you can click on signatures and select the signature you wish to add to your email message. If you want to leave the message to check your calendar or email or anything else, just click the save icon to save the message as a draft. Then you’ll be able to leave that message and return to it later.

Delete suggested contacts no longer needed

Question: Someone sent me an email from their Gmail account from their phone and now every time  I type their name to send them a message from Outlook it automatically fills in that Gmail address instead of the UNMC account. How can I remove that email address, as I forgot to check the address every time and they miss my emails.

Answer: With Outlook 2010, go back and type in the person’s name and when you see the Gmail address display in the suggested names, click the x on the right side of the name. This will delete it from the suggested contacts.