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Sharing calendar gives error message

Question: I am trying to share my calendar with someone but am getting an error message that says, “Policy does not allow granting permissions at this level to one or more of the recipients. Please select another permission level and send the sharing invite again.” I am using the Share option from the ribbon. Answer: I normally use the permissions to set up a calendar for use by another, but I tested this out with my calendar and it worked fine. But then I tried it… Continue Reading

Mail Merge to Outlook with filters, attachments and more!

Question: I have an Excel spreadsheet with data I would like to merge to Outlook. I need to include a survey as an attachment with their specified information and have them return it to me. I only want it to go to names that are highlighted in my spreadsheet. There will be over 300 names. Answer: Oh, I love these challenges. First, in order to be able to identify the names to select from Excel, there has to be something consistent about how they are… Continue Reading

Word Mail Merge to Email – Microsoft Office Repair

Question: I am having a problem with my mail merge from Word to Outlook not processing. I keep getting a pop-up screen asking me to accept but if I do, it looks like emails are working but nothing appears in my Outlook sent folder. Answer: After identifying that she had Outlook set as her default mail system (See previous post), I discovered that one suggestion in an online forum was to run a Microsoft repair, by Click Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features. 2.   Click… Continue Reading

Signature for Shared Account

Question: I manage a shared account in which my signature block is different than my personal one. I tried to see how to create a separate signature block for that account and it didn’t work. Answer: On the Outlook client you can create many signatures from your account, including a signature you plan to use for the shared account. When you send email out on behalf of that other account, you can select the appropriate signature. You might also consider using Outlook Web Access for… Continue Reading

Sending emails from applications

Question: I like being able to attach a Word document or Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation to an Outlook message by just clicking the email option in the application, however I notice it doesn’t add my signature to the message and it requires me to send the message before leaving to check my calendar or other email messages. Is there an option to change that? Answer: I don’t know of any option to change those quirks, but you can click on signatures and select the signature you… Continue Reading