Change "read" status while using Reading Pane

Turn off “read” status when using the reading pane

Question: When I get an email, I have a reading pane open so I can read the email without opening it. If I move my curser to another email, the previous email changes from a unopened email to an opened email.  I don’t like this feature and would like to turn it off.

Answer: If you are using Outlook 2010, you can select View > Reading Pane > Options. Then make sure to uncheck the top two boxes next to “Mark items as read when viewed in the Reading Pane” and “Mark item as read when selection changes.” If using Outlook 2007 select Tools > Options > Other tab > Reading pane. In Outlook web access you can change by going to Options > Settings > Mail and unchecking first two Reading Pane options.  With Outlook 2011 for the Mac, you can find this under Outlook > Preferences > Reading (under Email) and select one of three options under Mark mail as read.

You can also right click on a message and select Mark as read or unread. In addition, you might also find the shortcut keys Ctrl Q (read status)and Ctrl U (unread status) useful when changing from read to unread status when using Outlook 2007, 2010 or OWA.  With Outlook 2011 you use Cmd+T to mark select messages read or Shift +Cmd+ T to mark as unread.

Reply with Attachment

Question: I would like to reply with an attachment but can’t find that option? How do I do that?

Answer: Outlook does not include attachments on replies, however Microsoft has these suggestions: (click for more details) 

  1. Reply and reattach via drag and drop or copy/paste
  2. Forward and readdress
  3. Resend this message (Other > Resend this message)
  4. Reply/Forward with original message attached (found under Mail options)
  5. Use Links instead of attachments
  6. Reply all with VBA macro
  7. Use a Reply All with Attachments add-in (see link above)

Color Code Outlook Messages

How do I color code messages sent from my boss?

Use Conditional formatting – View > View Settings > Conditional Formatting – give a name of the rule, click Font and change color and size (and whatever else you want), click OK. Then add a condition – such as from your boss (select from address book), then click OK. Here is a link with screen prints -