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Create calendar entry from Outlook email

Question:  If a message is received in Outlook with information for a meeting time, location, date, subject, is it possible to convert or transfer all of the meeting information to the Outlook Calendar without entering it manually? Answer: If you have you are using Outlook 2010, you can drag and drop the message to the calendar on the To Do bar (if it is displayed on your mail screen). You can change the calendar to the correct month and drag to the day, then all… Continue Reading

Junk Mail just keeps coming

Question: I have a company that keeps emailing me. I have blocked them but they use a different URL or address each time they send out messages so they get through. The title of the email is always the same. Is there a way for me to “junk it” based on subject? Answer: There is a lot you can do with Rules. For example, you can right click on the annoying message and select Rules > Create Rule. From here you can list the subject (or… Continue Reading

Be careful replying to all if you’re a bcc recipient in Outlook

When you receive a message in which you are bcc’d, other names in the To and Cc are not aware you were copied on an email. You will see other names that are in the To or CC but names in the BCC are not seen by others. If you reply to all, others may “discover” that you received a copy, which could cause embarrassment. So be careful before replying to all, and if your name is not listed in the To or CC, you… Continue Reading

Change "read" status while using Reading Pane

Turn off “read” status when using the reading pane Question: When I get an email, I have a reading pane open so I can read the email without opening it. If I move my curser to another email, the previous email changes from a unopened email to an opened email.  I don’t like this feature and would like to turn it off. Answer: If you are using Outlook 2010, you can select View > Reading Pane > Options. Then make sure to uncheck the top… Continue Reading

Reply with Attachment

Question: I would like to reply with an attachment but can’t find that option? How do I do that? Answer: Outlook does not include attachments on replies, however Microsoft has these suggestions: (click for more details) http://www.msoutlook.info/question/564  Reply and reattach via drag and drop or copy/paste Forward and readdress Resend this message (Other > Resend this message) Reply/Forward with original message attached (found under Mail options) Use Links instead of attachments Reply all with VBA macro Use a Reply All with Attachments add-in (see link… Continue Reading