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Tiny text/large text in Outlook

Question: This week we had some say their text when typing email messages was very tiny. Then another said their Outlook web mail was large. Answer:  More than likely you accidentally touched the roller on your mouse when holding your control key which zooms text in and out. To zoom larger, hold the Ctrl key and move the roller on the mouse to get the desired size. If you have a Mac, press Ctrl and + or – keys to zoom in and out.

Rules and Tools to Manage your Outlook Mail

Question: I am getting a message that my email is full and I need to delete things.  I usually delete 80% of all email I receive. Some things, however, I have to keep regarding funding, etc. from other colleagues, etc.  Is there a way I can get more space in my email, or can you help me with reorganizing things.  I would appreciate any help/suggestions regarding this matter. Answer: There are a number of things you can do to manage your mail and clear space. First, check what part of… Continue Reading

Outlook email cleanup suggestions

Question: I’m getting messages that my email space if over half full, so I plan to spend some time over the holidays deleting emails. Can you provide any suggestions to speed this process? To gain back the most space quickly, delete your largest messages first. You may want to start with your Sent Items folder first and sort by size and start deleting, then repeat with other folders. When sorting by size you should see the largest messages at the top, which in your Sent… Continue Reading

Problems with Outlook? Try closing and restarting Outlook.

We often get questions about something not working as it is supposed to with Microsoft Outlook. These often deal with working with shared calendars. After researching and applying several solutions, we often discover the best solution to try is to close and restart Outlook. Below are a series of steps to try when troubleshooting Outlook. Close and reopen Outlook Check Outlook on the web to see if you have the same issue. This will determine if it is a workstation problem or Outlook or server issue. If… Continue Reading

Accessing someone else’s mail and docking it to my Outlook task pane

Question: I need to help managing someone else’s email account and would like to have the link appear on my task pane. The other person gave me access on the Access and Delegation properties/permissions, but I cannot access it. Answer: There are many security measures Outlook has in place to keep people from being able to access your entire mail database. The steps are more involved than for sharing calendars or for generic accounts. The other person needs to give you permission to his/her mail… Continue Reading