Video Tutorials for Email Cleanup

Question: I am interested in finding a recording/instructional piece on managing emails and allowing for more organization with Outlook. Is there something available on the ITS website?

Answer: Go to this “Email clean-up” link  . ITS has recorded several short video clips to help with clean up tools in Outlook 2010. In addition, you can find more Video clips by Nevada Learning on he Outlook 2010 link. (You must have a UNMC network account to access these tutorials).

Learn other email clean-up and management tips in our Email Management and Productivity Tools session on August 13, 2013 from 11 a.m. – noon in Wittson Hall Amphitheater 3034. This session will be recorded and available from the “clean up” link above.

Messages moved to a folder automatically delete after a few days

Question:  There are emails that are sent to me that I wish to retain.  If I try to move some of these messages to another folder a message appears saying that they will expire in so many days unless I change the retention policy.  How does one change the retention policy so when these messages expire they don’t delete from the folder I wish to store them in?

Answer: This question was a real stumper. But since the problem wasn’t consistent, I determined that the folder she was trying to move it to was placed under the Deleted Items folder. UNMC’s retention policy deletes anything in the deleted items folder after 7 days. All that this person needed to do was move those folders from the deleted items folder and drag to the Inbox or another folder, and those messages should no longer appear.

Tiny text/large text in Outlook

Question: This week we had some say their text when typing email messages was very tiny. Then another said their Outlook web mail was large.

Answer:  More than likely you accidentally touched the roller on your mouse when holding your control key which zooms text in and out. To zoom larger, hold the Ctrl key and move the roller on the mouse to get the desired size. If you have a Mac, press Ctrl and + or – keys to zoom in and out.