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Ribbon command icons disappear

Question: When I logged on to Email this morning I found that the home menu was missing.  I click on Home and the menu bar reappears, but the minute I do anything else it disappears.  Is there something that I did to change the interface behavior?  I prefer to seen the menu/icon bars visible at all times.  Answer: More than likely you may have double clicked on a ribbon tab, which “hides” the icons to allow for more space. Just double click on the ribbon… Continue Reading

Signature for Shared Account

Question: I manage a shared account in which my signature block is different than my personal one. I tried to see how to create a separate signature block for that account and it didn’t work. Answer: On the Outlook client you can create many signatures from your account, including a signature you plan to use for the shared account. When you send email out on behalf of that other account, you can select the appropriate signature. You might also consider using Outlook Web Access for… Continue Reading

Shared accounts when using Outlook web

Question: I manage a shared account and would like to be able to access it from off campus. I am able to see the calendars from my account on Outlook Web Access, but I don’t have access to the inbox or other folders. Is this possible? Answer: In Outlook Web Access (OWA) If you have full access, which is set up and approved by ITS Systems and can be requested through helpdesk@unmc.edu. With full access you can select the dropdown next to your name in… Continue Reading

Video Tutorials for Email Cleanup

Question: I am interested in finding a recording/instructional piece on managing emails and allowing for more organization with Outlook. Is there something available on the ITS website? Answer: Go to this “Email clean-up” link  . ITS has recorded several short video clips to help with clean up tools in Outlook 2010. In addition, you can find more Video clips by Nevada Learning on he Outlook 2010 link. (You must have a UNMC network account to access these tutorials). Learn other email clean-up and management tips in our… Continue Reading

Messages moved to a folder automatically delete after a few days

Question:  There are emails that are sent to me that I wish to retain.  If I try to move some of these messages to another folder a message appears saying that they will expire in so many days unless I change the retention policy.  How does one change the retention policy so when these messages expire they don’t delete from the folder I wish to store them in? Answer: This question was a real stumper. But since the problem wasn’t consistent, I determined that the folder she was… Continue Reading