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Outlook Groups

Question of the Week – Several questions have come up recently about Outlook groups: Question: How can I create a group from of my Outlook contacts? Answer: Create a new contact group (or distribution list in Outlook 2007) and select Add Members > From Outlook Contacts and select from your list. Question: How can I create a group from an Excel spreadsheet? I tried copying and pasting into the group but it didn’t work. Answer: You can copy and paste, but you paste into the… Continue Reading

Copying Outlook Groups to Excel lists

Question: I frequently need to send a list of names from a group to Excel. I’m not able to copy and paste directly from the group into Excel. I also tried exporting but all that transfers is the group name. I used to do this all the time with Lotus Notes, but Outlook is driving me crazy on this. Answer: The procedure outlined below is the easiest way I have found: From the Contacts view, click to select the group, then select File > Save As and… Continue Reading

Email to several people without seeing the entire list

Question: How can I send an email to many people without them seeing the entire list of recipients? Answer: Enter the names or group name in the bcc field. This way each person will only see their his/her name. By default you don’t see bcc in an Outlook message, but you can include it by selecting the Options tab and click BCC. This will enable that field to be seen on all new messages.

Outlook Groups on the Mac

Question: I am trying to create a personal contact group on Outlook 2011 for the Mac but I’m not able to select the Contact Group feature. How can I create a group in Outlook for the Mac? Answer:  If File > New > Contact Group is dimmed out you can enable this feature by opening Outlook and pull down the Outlook menu (located just to the left of File), and select Preferences. Choose the General icon(under Personal Settings) and under Folder list uncheck the box… Continue Reading

Sharing distribution lists with others

Question: Someone emailed me a group (distribution list) and now I would like to send an email to that group. Is there an easy way to convert it to my contacts? Answer: It is definitely simple from the Outlook client. The quickest and easiest way is to click on that email message and from the reading pane, drag the group (which appears as an attachment) to your contacts folder. You may need to rename it to something more appropriate. Do this by opening it –… Continue Reading