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Updating Outlook Groups from Excel Lists

Question: I created contact groups some time ago with around 100 names each, since Outlook won’t allow personal group with 300 names (1A, 1B, 1C) I keep the master list in Excel but it has been quite a long time since I updated the groups, and I can’t remember how I can get them updated. Answer: The easiest way to do this is to have your Excel list open, along with your Outlook contacts. Open the first group 1A, and remove the names (use Ctrl… Continue Reading

Shared calendar permissions

Question: Our department master calendar is kept in Outlook.  All the faculty have access to look at it.  They would like for the students to have access to look at it too (but NOT edit) but the system will not let me give them access.  The message says that the students are outside of our system.  Is there any way to let them look at the actual calendar rather than having to make a .pdf of it and post it to blackboard?  The schedule changes… Continue Reading

Adding someone else's contact group into my Outlook contacts

Question: Someone sent me a distribution list with names and email addresses and it appears as an attachment. How can I add it to my account as a contact group? Answer: You’ll be amazed how easy it is. If they sent it to you as an attachment (from their contacts) from the preview pane in Outlook 2010 you can just drag the attachment icon to the contacts icon at the bottom of the screen. Open your contacts and there it will be with the same… Continue Reading

Delete suggested contacts no longer needed

Question: Someone sent me an email from their Gmail account from their phone and now every time  I type their name to send them a message from Outlook it automatically fills in that Gmail address instead of the UNMC account. How can I remove that email address, as I forgot to check the address every time and they miss my emails. Answer: With Outlook 2010, go back and type in the person’s name and when you see the Gmail address display in the suggested names, click… Continue Reading

Create OneNote Pages from Excel List

Question: I have an Excel spreadsheet with 3000 names that I would like to create folders for on my shared network drive. We need to keep files and other information for these people and would like to have the names stored in folders by As, Bs, etc. . Is there an easy way to do that? Answer: There may be a procedure to do that, but I think a more efficient way to keep track of names and subsequent information for them would be to… Continue Reading