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Tracking meeting invitations

Question: I have to schedule a recurring meeting but would like to be able to track who has accept the invitation. If I schedule this from the room, I’m not able to see the responses. Should I send this from my own calendar? Answer: I would avoid that. No need to be inundated with more email. The easiest way to monitor that is to open the meeting invitation and from the Meeting tab click Tracking > View Tracking Status. From here you can see who… Continue Reading

Create calendar entry from Outlook email

Question:  If a message is received in Outlook with information for a meeting time, location, date, subject, is it possible to convert or transfer all of the meeting information to the Outlook Calendar without entering it manually? Answer: If you have you are using Outlook 2010, you can drag and drop the message to the calendar on the To Do bar (if it is displayed on your mail screen). You can change the calendar to the correct month and drag to the day, then all… Continue Reading

Calendar Permissions

Question: Why can someone see my calendar entries when I didn’t give them permission? I have only given a few people permission to edit my calendar. Answer: More than likely you have inadvertently given access to everyone to view or edit your calendar. To check this from the calendar view, right click on your calendar and click Properties> Permissions (or click Calendar Permissions in the ribbon). You will see Default listed first, followed by those you gave permissions. Default is what anyone in the global… Continue Reading

Too many calendar notifications

Question: I am support staff for my manager and I receive numerous meeting requests for her calendar. How can I stop getting these notifications? Answer: If your manager sets you up as a delegate, the permissions causes the delegate to receive copies of meeting related messages by default. Your manager would need to uncheck the options for your delegation permissions.  In Outlook 2010, go to File > Account Settings > Delegation. Click your delegates name (or add a delegate here) and click permissions. Under Calendar… Continue Reading

Creating reports from Outlook Calendar

Question: Is there a way to generate a report of time from your outlook calendar if you’ve used the “categorize” function?  Or generate any type of reports from your Outlook calendar? Answer: Yes, you certainly can create reports. From your calendar view, select View > Change View and select the List view. You’ll see your entries listed in column/row format. You can sort on headings, including a category. You can then select the entire list or a partial list and copy and paste into an email message, Word, or… Continue Reading