Shared calendar permissions

Question: Our department master calendar is kept in Outlook.  All the faculty have access to look at it.  They would like for the students to have access to look at it too (but NOT edit) but the system will not let me give them access.  The message says that the students are outside of our system.  Is there any way to let them look at the actual calendar rather than having to make a .pdf of it and post it to blackboard?  The schedule changes practically daily.

Answer: I would recommend changing the Default permissions to Reviewer, so that anyone can see the events but are not able to edit or add anything. I have this for our CSTTRAIN calendar. However, anyone can see it, so you are not limiting to just faculty or students. But those who are not interested probably wouldn’t be looking for it. In order to give permissions to just specific faculty and students, you would have to add them one by one.

Shared calendar on an iPhone

Question: We would like our staff to be able to see the conference room calendar from their iPhone, but see that we can only see our personal calendar and not shared calendars. Is there another option?

Answer: Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a way to do that, other than using the browser and logging into your account and selecting the shared calendar. However, if the calendar doesn’t change more than weekly or monthly, some departments take a screen print of that calendar in weekly or monthly view and paste into a message to send to the staff that need that calendar (or they can paste it into a message to send themselves). That way they would be able to see it within the message from their iPhone or iPad. I like using the Windows 7 Snipping Tool (just type “snip” from the start button to find the application and click and drag over the part of the screen you wish to copy, then paste (Ctrl V) into the message. I use the snipping tool so much that I have added it to my start button or task bar on my Windows screen (right click on the snipping tool application before opening it to do that).

UPDATE: Someone found a nice article explaining how to get your shared calendar to open on an iPhone. Unfortunately, due to security and HIPAA issues, our campus does not enable this feature.

Tracking meeting invitations

Question: I have to schedule a recurring meeting but would like to be able to track who has accept the invitation. If I schedule this from the room, I’m not able to see the responses. Should I send this from my own calendar?

Answer: I would avoid that. No need to be inundated with more email. The easiest way to monitor that is to open the meeting invitation and from the Meeting tab click Tracking > View Tracking Status. From here you can see who has received and processed the responses. You can then click Contact Attendees and send an email to invitees to remind them of the meeting invite.