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Color categories in Shared Calendar

Question: I take care of my boss’ Outlook calendar and have Editor rights to it.  Recently, I wanted to add some additional Color Categories for some her many different types of appointments. I find that I am only able to add additional colors to my own calendar. When I attempt the same steps while in her calendar the “New”, “Rename”, and “Delete” options are grayed out. Is there a way for me as Editor of her calendar to add, rename or delete color categories from her calendar? Answer:… Continue Reading

Archiving Outlook Mail

Question: How can I archive my e-mail? Answer:   The archive feature is not enabled at UNMC, but you can simply drag your emails to a folder on your network folders, and then delete from your email to save space. You can’t drag folders to your network folders but you can create the folders and drag the emails to them. You can select several emails by using shift or ctrl keys. If you have Adobe Acrobat X or later, you can save your email folders and messages… Continue Reading

Printing two calendars on one sheet

Question: Is there a way to print two different calendars on one sheet of paper? Answer: Using Outlook’s printing options, you can only print one calendar at once. However, you can use the Snipping tool (available in Windows Vista, Windows 7 or later) if you have both calendars on your screen side by side, then from the Start menu of your computer, type “snip” to search for the Snipping program. It will allow you to drag across the part of the screen you desire, and… Continue Reading

Restore permanently deleted items

Question: Can I restore a message after it has been deleted from my deleted items folder? Answer: In Outlook 2010, you can right click on the deleted items folder and from the Folder ribbon tab, select Recover Deleted Items. With OWA or Outlook 2011, you can right click on the Deleted Items folder and select Restore Deleted Items. You will see messages that are available to recover (deleted from last 4 days) and click the Recover icon at the top left. The messages will re-appear… Continue Reading

Why did my OWA screens change?

Question:  My off campus email has changed its look.  It is now blue instead of yellow and I can’t see the folders in my in box.  Is there something I can do to get the old look and feel back? Answer: I couldn’t come up with an answer right away for this one, so checked with our helpdesk who suggested she was probably using the “light” version of Outlook web access. She probably logged in using the “blind and low vision experience”, which is also called the… Continue Reading