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OneNote for the holidays….and MORE!

Question: Do you have any handouts or learning resources for OneNote? Answer: I recently stumbled upon a really great resource at Microsoft, 15 minute video blogs every Tuesday around 11:15 a.m. – our time. November 12 featured OneNote for the Holiday. It is a very nice, quick overview on how to use OneNote, and it includes other links to OneNote resources. Using OneNote for holiday planning is a fun way to learn the application, and then you can feel more comfortable using it for work… Continue Reading

Create OneNote Pages from Excel List

Question: I have an Excel spreadsheet with 3000 names that I would like to create folders for on my shared network drive. We need to keep files and other information for these people and would like to have the names stored in folders by As, Bs, etc. . Is there an easy way to do that? Answer: There may be a procedure to do that, but I think a more efficient way to keep track of names and subsequent information for them would be to… Continue Reading

OneNote screen clips and links

Question: I love the feature in OneNote when you copy a screen clip into OneNote that it includes the link. But when I tried this at home the link wasn’t included. What am I doing wrong? Answer: I just discovered this myself, and found that only Internet Explorer includes the link, not with Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc.

Using OneNote for sharing research information

Question: I need to work on a research project with several co-workers. Some of us will be collecting on-line research articles, others will collaborate on writing a paper or creating a PowerPoint presentation, collecting data, creating charts and more. What do you recommend to keep all this information organized so that everyone can find it and use it easily?   Answer: You may want to try OneNote. This is an application that comes with Microsoft Office and will allow you to keep all this information… Continue Reading

Changing recurring meetings in Outlook

Question: How do I change recurring meetings in Outlook without changing or losing previous meeting history? Answer: This seems to be an annoying problem in Outlook, and one you have to be very careful with.  If you make any changes to a recurring entry, it could change your previous entries. In addition, if you have information in your message area in individual entries that is not part of the series, that information will be deleted. This is what we recommend when working with recurring entries:… Continue Reading