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Grouping by days of the week in a pivot table

Question: I am trying to create a report from Excel data that was exported from a web application that has date fields and values in which I can get an average of values for the various days of the week. How can I do that? Answer:  If your data contains a date field, you can display the day of the week using one of the date formatting styles, but a pivot table does not allow you to group by days of the week. However, you… Continue Reading

Ribbon command icons disappear

Question: When I logged on to Email this morning I found that the home menu was missing.  I click on Home and the menu bar reappears, but the minute I do anything else it disappears.  Is there something that I did to change the interface behavior?  I prefer to seen the menu/icon bars visible at all times.  Answer: More than likely you may have double clicked on a ribbon tab, which “hides” the icons to allow for more space. Just double click on the ribbon… Continue Reading

What’s new with Office 2013?

Question: I have started using Office 2013 and noticed many differences between Office 2013 and Office 2010, particularly with Outlook and Calendar.  Are you aware of any summaries describing the differences? Answer: The differences don’t seem to be extensive, but there are some changes. In particular, you now have the ability to save directly to the cloud (although Office 365 has limited features compared to 2013). There are some really nice new features with Excel such as flash fill and quick analysis too. This handout provides… Continue Reading