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Uploading PowerPoint handouts into Blackboard

Question: Can you tell me how to upload a PowerPoint handout, 2 slides per page, onto Blackboard. Answer: In order to save a PowerPoint handout with two or more slides per page you must save it to a file as a handout. If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro (or a Mac) From File > Print, select Settings and change the slide options to handouts and select the number desired. Change the printer to Adobe PDF. This will create a file you can upload to Blackboard…. Continue Reading

Customizing an MS Office Organizational Chart

Question: I am working on an organizational (hierarchy) chart from SmartArt in Word. I would like to merge two of the boxes into one but keep the two lines above it. However, I am not able to do that in the SmartArt features. Any ideas? Answer: If you copy and paste the org chart into PowerPoint, you’ll have a few more features in SmartArt. One of those is the ability to convert the SmartArt into shapes. Once you do that, however, you will not be able to… Continue Reading

New, creative ideas for PowerPoint slides

Question: I am desperate to keep my students from falling asleep watching my PowerPoint slides. I’m not a creative person and I find our templates are boring. What can I do to make them more interesting? Answer: There are three basics ideas I suggest to improve your PowerPoint presentations. Brainstorm – First of all, make sure it flows well with good organization. I suggest brainstorming and identify the who, what, why, when, where and how of your presentation. Knowing what you want to convey and… Continue Reading

Comparing documents

Question: Is there a way to merge multiple versions of the same Word document with track changes into an absolute and final version?  Answer: Tracking changes is your friend! But don’t fret if others revising your document doesn’t use tracking changes. You can use the combine or compare feature in Word (located on the Reviewing tab in the ribbon) to merge edits from other documents to compare with the original, and see the changes as if the others used tracking changes. Click here for more information… Continue Reading

White space (Margins) disappear in Word document

Question: I used to have margins or white space appearing at the top of my document, but now my text comes up at the top. How can I get it back? Answer: The most common reason it happened is due to accidentally double-clicking in the top or bottom edge of your document. To get it back, simply double click at the top or bottom of your document to get it back. Another way to get it back is to go to File > Options >… Continue Reading