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Shut down iPad to fix synching

Question:  My PC stopped updating my iPad. Do you know if there is a setting I should check to correct this? Answer: I don’t have an iPad, but before I had a chance to research the issue, he responded back and said he simply rebooted (shut off and on) his iPad and it corrected the syncing issue. I know I have had to shut down my iPhone occasionally if it didn’t seem to be acting correctly. When in doubt, shut it down and restart. Works… Continue Reading

Applying a template with my presentation

Question: I am trying to convert a couple of ppt presentations over to a new assigned template for a national meeting.  I can’t seem to figure out how to do this simply.  I tried using the re-use slide options and also saving the template as a theme, but the slides don’t seem to convert. Answer: How you were describing it should work, but the problem was you were on the title page when you saved the template as a theme, and for some odd reason the… Continue Reading

Printing two calendars on one sheet

Question: Is there a way to print two different calendars on one sheet of paper? Answer: Using Outlook’s printing options, you can only print one calendar at once. However, you can use the Snipping tool (available in Windows Vista, Windows 7 or later) if you have both calendars on your screen side by side, then from the Start menu of your computer, type “snip” to search for the Snipping program. It will allow you to drag across the part of the screen you desire, and… Continue Reading

Word Forms

Question: I need help with my Word Form. I was trying to use the tools on the developer tab but am having difficulty getting them to work. Answer: Using Forms in Word can be tricky but very useful. I suggest using the Legacy Form tools, which are found on the Developer tab of the ribbon. Then to see the form work, you need to protect the document for “fill-in forms” I will be giving a hands-on Word Forms class on Thursday, Febr. 20 from 10-11:30… Continue Reading

Exporting multiple Excel sheets to Word

Question: I have an Excel workbook with multiple worksheets and would like to send it to Word for printing. The main reason is I want it to print as an entire document and spread cells across pages. Answer: Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a way to accomplish that other than copying and pasting the tables into Word. You can, however, print the entire workbook out, but the cells do not break across pages. If you wish to keep the information in Excel,… Continue Reading