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Word Table of Contents

Question:  What is the best way to do a table of contents for an existing Word document? Answer: The easiest way is to use heading styles for the topics you want in your document and then go to where you want to place your TOC and from references tab click Table of Contents and select a style and it will create one based on the heading styles. Super easy. There are also three step-by-step courses at Microsoft that are good too. http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/training/word-2007-training-courses-HA010215566.aspx and scroll down to… Continue Reading

Word Forms

Question: I need help with my Word Form. I was trying to use the tools on the developer tab but am having difficulty getting them to work. Answer: Using Forms in Word can be tricky but very useful. I suggest using the Legacy Form tools, which are found on the Developer tab of the ribbon. Then to see the form work, you need to protect the document for “fill-in forms” I will be giving a hands-on Word Forms class on Thursday, Febr. 20 from 10-11:30… Continue Reading

Exporting multiple Excel sheets to Word

Question: I have an Excel workbook with multiple worksheets and would like to send it to Word for printing. The main reason is I want it to print as an entire document and spread cells across pages. Answer: Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a way to accomplish that other than copying and pasting the tables into Word. You can, however, print the entire workbook out, but the cells do not break across pages. If you wish to keep the information in Excel,… Continue Reading

Lining up Word tables on both sides of a page

Question: I have a table covering two pages which will be printed front and back. The outside border of the table needs to line up on both sides. I have the tables the same size and the same margins and have tried to move them around so they line up, but they are always off about 1/4 inch. Can you help? Answer: If you select the table and go into the table properties from the Table Tools Layout tab in the ribbon, click Center align…. Continue Reading

Numbers mysteriously appearing in my Word document margin

Question: I have a long document and on the last page I have a table which has some numbers appearing at the margin which I cannot remove. Can you help? Answer: This one I have never seen before, but since they could not be deleted and were not bulleted numbers, the only thing I could think was of Line Numbering. Even though there was no line numbering on the rest of the document, I went into the Paragraph options for that line (slanted arrow in the… Continue Reading