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Customizing an MS Office Organizational Chart

Question: I am working on an organizational (hierarchy) chart from SmartArt in Word. I would like to merge two of the boxes into one but keep the two lines above it. However, I am not able to do that in the SmartArt features. Any ideas? Answer: If you copy and paste the org chart into PowerPoint, you’ll have a few more features in SmartArt. One of those is the ability to convert the SmartArt into shapes. Once you do that, however, you will not be able to… Continue Reading

New, creative ideas for PowerPoint slides

Question: I am desperate to keep my students from falling asleep watching my PowerPoint slides. I’m not a creative person and I find our templates are boring. What can I do to make them more interesting? Answer: There are three basics ideas I suggest to improve your PowerPoint presentations. Brainstorm – First of all, make sure it flows well with good organization. I suggest brainstorming and identify the who, what, why, when, where and how of your presentation. Knowing what you want to convey and… Continue Reading

UNMC Logos for PowerPoint slides

Question: I would like to know where to find the UNMC logo so I can place it into some PowerPoint slides. Answer: Logos and other UNMC branding elements can be found at the Branding Site Be sure to review the branding guidelines and try using the PowerPoint templates available at that site too, as they already include the proper UNMC Branding fonts, colors, logos, etc. which help to give all UNMC presentations a consistent look. Learn more about using Branding elements and many other useful presentation and… Continue Reading

Changing default font in PowerPoint

Question: How can I change the default font for a new PowerPoint presentation Answer: You can go to the slide master (View ribbon tab) and change your theme or fonts there. If you want the same font throughout all slide types of your template, the easiest way is to select Fonts from the background category and select a font combination. These will be applied to all types of slides in this template. Otherwise if you want specific types of slides modified, you will need to… Continue Reading

Quick PowerPoint slides needed!

Question:  I need to create a PowerPoint presentation quickly for a presentation at the end of the week. Do you have any suggestions on how to make it look professional? Answer:  If you have just a short time to create a PowerPoint, most people are limited to using bullets. However below are a few quick tips to dress it up a bit. Go to http://info.unmc.edu/brandingresources.htm and select a PowerPoint template from the UNMC Branding page. Then use that template to create the presentation with bulleted… Continue Reading