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Applying a template with my presentation

Question: I am trying to convert a couple of ppt presentations over to a new assigned template for a national meeting.  I can’t seem to figure out how to do this simply.  I tried using the re-use slide options and also saving the template as a theme, but the slides don’t seem to convert. Answer: How you were describing it should work, but the problem was you were on the title page when you saved the template as a theme, and for some odd reason the… Continue Reading

Embed Youtube video in PowerPoint 2010

Question: How can I embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint 2010? I followed instructions but am having problems getting it to play. Answer: Thank goodness for YouTube. I found this video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1V0gm98Xj4g which is an updated video based on changes that were made in either YouTube or Microsoft. It should work after following these instructions. Don’t forget to search Youtube (and Google) for many other questions you might have on computer applications.

Calendar with Mac Word not working

Question: I am not able to reset the spell check in MS Word or PowerPoint 2011 for Mac. None of the online suggestions work. I keep getting spell check complete and it is missing misspelled words. Particularly in PowerPoint. I move the presentation to an other computer and still get spell check complete and missing the words. How can that be? Answer: I checked my Mac and found that the spell check was working and wasn’t able to find a solution for him. However, he replied… Continue Reading

Improving image with simple tools

Question: I need to include a screen print image in a PowerPoint presentation but it very hard to read. It has different colored text on black background. I tried reversing the colors but it is still unreadable. Is there a way to improve the image so it is readable? Answer: I was able to improve the image by using PowerPoint’s transparency tool. I first tried PowerPoint 2010’s “remove background,” but that didn’t work for this image, although I have had much success with this tool… Continue Reading

Uploading PowerPoint handouts into Blackboard

Question: Can you tell me how to upload a PowerPoint handout, 2 slides per page, onto Blackboard. Answer: In order to save a PowerPoint handout with two or more slides per page you must save it to a file as a handout. If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro (or a Mac) From File > Print, select Settings and change the slide options to handouts and select the number desired. Change the printer to Adobe PDF. This will create a file you can upload to Blackboard…. Continue Reading