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Question of the week of 7/11/11: Quick fill in Access

Question: I my database I would like to fill multiple cells with the same info. In Excel there is that lovely function where you highlight all the cells you want to fill the same info and do a fill right or fill down select and it’s like magic. I am not finding the easy way to do this in Access but there has to be one. Answer: That feature is not really available in Access, although you can create autonumber fields that will automatically add… Continue Reading

Question of the week of 1/17/11 – Importing Excel file into Access 2007

Question: Can I convert my Excel data into an Access database? Answer: Yes, it is very easy to import Excel data into Access, providing it is set up correctly. Row 1 of your Excel worksheet should contain unique column  headings and should not contain special symbols and column headings should not have wrapped text. Your data should be entered below the headings with no blank rows or columns within the dataset. Any cells with formulas will be imported as values. Close your Excel file and open Access… Continue Reading

Question of the week of Nov. 8 – omitting blank Access fields in reports

Question: In an Access report if you  have three fields stacked, how can you assure your fields will move up if the field is empty? My report is currently leaving space for all three lines. If one or more lines is blank, is there a function that moves up the lines so they don’t take space on the report? Address1 Address2 Address3 Answer:  Yes, you can set the properties “To Shrink”. In the report design view, right click on the field and select Properties Click the… Continue Reading

Question of the week of 5/17/2010 – Access 2007 command buttons don't work

Question: I recently upgraded to Access 2007 but the command buttons in my database form which was created in Access 2003 no longer work. Answer: The most common reason for this is that Access has built-in macro security. Your “buttons” use code which is blocked for your protection. To enable those macros to work, you must “Enable” the content. You will probably see a prompt below the ribbon which says, “Security Warning    Certain content in the database has been disabled.” Click the Options…. button. You… Continue Reading

Question of the week of 1/11/10 – Emailing an Access table

Question: How can I email an Access table to someone without emailing the entire database? Answer: The only way to email a table is to export it in another format, such as an Excel spreadsheet, word table or PDF document, or you can copy and paste the table into an email message. In Access 2003, select the desired table and click Tools > Office Links > Analyze it with Excel (or Publish it with Microsoft Word). To save in PDF format in Access 2003, you… Continue Reading