Question of the week of 9/12/11 – Remove duplicate values in Excel

Question: Is there a way to remove duplicate values from a long list of names in Excel?

Answer: Yes, select your range and from the Data tab, click Remove Duplicates. A popup will allow you to select which fields to select for your duplicate values. You can unselect all fields, and selecting just a couple of fields will break down your list more than if you have many fields included. Be careful, as this will delete your data, so you may want to save the results with the different name using “Save As” (you can also click “undo” if the list does not look correct or not save your file at all).

Question of the week of 8/22/11 – disabling bulleted lists from renumbering after deleting sections

Question: I have a document which has a numbered outline. I would like to delete a section of the outline without having the rest of the outline renumbered. How can I do that?

Answer: I thought it was a matter of unchecking autoreplace  for bullets/numbering and lists options in your Word Options. However, after disabling many other options, the rest of the outline updated when a section was deleted. 

The only workaround I found is to let the list renumber and then go to the place where you want your numbering to change and click the drop down arrow under the number or outlining tool on the ribbon and select change list level, select numbering and set numbering value. (In many cases you may be able to just right click and select set numbering value). This will allow you to have more control over the behavior of the numbering. 

If anyone finds another option to select that will disable this, let me know and I will share with others.

Question of the week of 7/11/11: Quick fill in Access

Question: I my database I would like to fill multiple cells with the same info. In Excel there is that lovely function where you highlight all the cells you want to fill the same info and do a fill right or fill down select and it’s like magic. I am not finding the easy way to do this in Access but there has to be one.

Answer: That feature is not really available in Access, although you can create autonumber fields that will automatically add incremental values. But if you want to fill in a table with repeated values, you must add the field individually or create an update query. You can however, save typing by pressing Ctrl ” to repeat the contents of a field in the previous record.