Calendar with Mac Word not working

Question: I am not able to reset the spell check in MS Word or PowerPoint 2011 for Mac. None of the online suggestions work. I keep getting spell check complete and it is missing misspelled words. Particularly in PowerPoint. I move the presentation to an other computer and still get spell check complete and missing the words. How can that be?

Answer: I checked my Mac and found that the spell check was working and wasn’t able to find a solution for him. However, he replied back that he discovered the problem. It turns out it was the custom dictionary. Simply moving it out of the Library folder does not disassociate it from Office. He had to completely delete it from the computer.

Thank you for sharing your solution which may help others!

Outlook Groups on the Mac

Question: I am trying to create a personal contact group on Outlook 2011 for the Mac but I’m not able to select the Contact Group feature. How can I create a group in Outlook for the Mac?

Answer:  If File > New > Contact Group is dimmed out you can enable this feature by opening Outlook and pull down the Outlook menu (located just to the left of File), and select Preferences. Choose the General icon(under Personal Settings) and under Folder list uncheck the box next to “Hide on my Computer folders.” After unchecking this box, you can now go to File > New and then choose Contact Group.

Keep in mind, however, when you create contact groups on the Mac they are only available locally from that Mac computer. You are not able to access them from Outlook Web access (OWA) or another computer, although you can import groups into Outlook for the Mac or for Windows. So if you need to have groups available elsewhere, you may want to create the group from OWA.

For other Outlook features, come to ITS’ Outlook 2011 for the Mac on Thursday, Jan 31 from 1-3 p.m. or Outlook Web Access also on Thursday from 3-4 p.m. in 8011 Wittson Hall (ITS training room).

Question of the week of 7/4/11 – Mac training

Question: I just changed departments and will be working on a Mac.  It’s brand new and is supposed to be set up this Tuesday.  I haven’t used one regularly for a very long time.  Do you have any training available for the basics and/or advanced Mac info?

Answer: We don’t offer hands-on training on Macs since we don’t have Macs in our training room, however there are several self-study resources available: