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Question of the week of 7/4/11 – Mac training

Question: I just changed departments and will be working on a Mac.  It’s brand new and is supposed to be set up this Tuesday.  I haven’t used one regularly for a very long time.  Do you have any training available for the basics and/or advanced Mac info? Answer: We don’t offer hands-on training on Macs since we don’t have Macs in our training room, however there are several self-study resources available: www.apple.com and select support www.microsoft.com/mac and select “How To” tv.adobe.com provides training on products… Continue Reading

Question of the week of 4/25/11 – Quick tips to improve my PC skills

Question: I don’t have time during the semester to attend 3 hr classes. Do you ever offer short sessions at the end of the semester? Answer: We certainly do! In fact this May we are offering a marathon of 30-minute mini-sessions on a variety of topics. They will be 30 minute sessions followed with Questions and Answers. You can bring in questions unrelated to the topic too, if time allows. We are offering these sessions so that faculty and students, in particular, can enhance their… Continue Reading

Question of the week of 2/28/11 – Scientific Posters

Question: I need to create a scientific poster for an upcoming conference. Can you tell me how to get started? Answer: There are a number of resources available. UNMC Branding Resources See Guidelines for Scientific Posters Color palette using UNMC branding colors Sample Post templates in PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator Dynamic UNMC photography Printing Services Poster Center and William Wassom’s recorded session on scientific posters and PowerPoint handout Don’t forget to search Google and YouTube for a number of other Poster resources too!

Question of the week of 2/23/09 – IT Classes for researchers

Question: Do you have classes that are geared toward researchers? We have very specific needs for grant submission and data collection, etc and would like to get more assistance on this. Answer: Even though we teach several classes which can assist researchers in their computer needs, none have really been targeted to researchers, so we are establishing a new “IT for Researchers User Group” which will address researcher’s needs. Apparently there is great interest in this, as our first meeting is scheduled for 3/24/09 from 2-3:30… Continue Reading

Question of the Week for 12/23/08 – Class schedule

Question: I haven’t seen your Bits, Byte and Bells class schedule for January/February? Where can I find it? Answer: The reason why our schedule isn’t available is because the Campus Training Center building is slated to be demolished in early 2009 and the training room has been moved to the 8th floor of the UNMC Library, room 8011, which was previously the Library Computing Cluster. The Cluster has moved to room 8012. While equipment is being relocated and set up, classes are on hold. However, training… Continue Reading