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Create OneNote Pages from Excel List

Question: I have an Excel spreadsheet with 3000 names that I would like to create folders for on my shared network drive. We need to keep files and other information for these people and would like to have the names stored in folders by As, Bs, etc. . Is there an easy way to do that? Answer: There may be a procedure to do that, but I think a more efficient way to keep track of names and subsequent information for them would be to… Continue Reading

Excel add-ins and online tools for charting

I wanted to share some excellent tools that I’ve recently learned about. One is a free statistical analysis add-in program for Excel. Greg McFadden from Internal Medicine shared his knowledge with us in a mini-session a couple of weeks ago. To use this add-in: Select Excel Options (available from the Office button in Excel 2007 or File menu in Excel 2010). Click Add-ins and┬áselect Go (toward bottom of add-ins window) Place a check on the Analysis ToolPak and click OK. You may get a prompt… Continue Reading