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Mail Merge to Outlook with filters, attachments and more!

Question: I have an Excel spreadsheet with data I would like to merge to Outlook. I need to include a survey as an attachment with their specified information and have them return it to me. I only want it to go to names that are highlighted in my spreadsheet. There will be over 300 names. Answer: Oh, I love these challenges. First, in order to be able to identify the names to select from Excel, there has to be something consistent about how they are… Continue Reading

Word Mail Merge to Email – Microsoft Office Repair

Question: I am having a problem with my mail merge from Word to Outlook not processing. I keep getting a pop-up screen asking me to accept but if I do, it looks like emails are working but nothing appears in my Outlook sent folder. Answer: After identifying that she had Outlook set as her default mail system (See previous post), I discovered that one suggestion in an online forum was to run a Microsoft repair, by Click Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features. 2.   Click… Continue Reading

What’s new with Office 2013?

Question: I have started using Office 2013 and noticed many differences between Office 2013 and Office 2010, particularly with Outlook and Calendar.  Are you aware of any summaries describing the differences? Answer: The differences don’t seem to be extensive, but there are some changes. In particular, you now have the ability to save directly to the cloud (although Office 365 has limited features compared to 2013). There are some really nice new features with Excel such as flash fill and quick analysis too. This handout provides… Continue Reading

Excel file keeps getting bigger

Question: I have an Excel file  I filtered and then copied “visible cells only” to a new worksheet, so that I could maintain formulas. However, the smaller file size increases to an enormous file size, making it very slow for working with and impossible to email. What is causing this? Answer: It appears that when you copy visible cells to a new worksheet that it pasted in the blank columns and rows also. You can tell this by noticing the scroll box along the vertical… Continue Reading

Looking up and replacing massive Excel data

Question during a “drop in” session: I have an Excel Workbook with several large worksheets. Three worksheets contain over 100,000 rows, one contains over 80,000 and another 23,000 rows. I need to match up the IDs and place the information from two massive worksheets into the one with 23,000 rows and I can’t figure out how to do it without having to search for each record manually. Answer: I was possible to use a VLookup formula, however by the time I got to the third… Continue Reading