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Slow Excel files

Question: Why is my Excel file so slow when opening? Answer: I hear this problem occasionally and the typical problem is that there are many extra columns or rows included in the data range. Sometimes this is caused by typing something (even pressing the spacebar) in a cell far away from the data or from formatting cells outside the data range. The easiest way to tell is by pressing Ctrl End, which will take you to the last cell of the range. If this is the… Continue Reading

Grouping by days of the week in a pivot table

Question: I am trying to create a report from Excel data that was exported from a web application that has date fields and values in which I can get an average of values for the various days of the week. How can I do that? Answer:  If your data contains a date field, you can display the day of the week using one of the date formatting styles, but a pivot table does not allow you to group by days of the week. However, you… Continue Reading

Exporting multiple Excel sheets to Word

Question: I have an Excel workbook with multiple worksheets and would like to send it to Word for printing. The main reason is I want it to print as an entire document and spread cells across pages. Answer: Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a way to accomplish that other than copying and pasting the tables into Word. You can, however, print the entire workbook out, but the cells do not break across pages. If you wish to keep the information in Excel,… Continue Reading

View two Excel files side by side

Question: How can I have two Excel files open side by side? When I open another file it places that file in view and my other file disappears behind. I want to have two different instances of Excel open. Answer: One way is to open both files after having Excel open and select View > Arrange All and select side-by-side. You can also open one or both files from Windows explorer or My Computer, or open one file by double clicking on it and then… Continue Reading

Changing Excel page layout options

Question: I have a spreadsheet which has 14 point font, but when it prints out the text is much smaller? Also, I am trying to change page headings. I need to change the heading on subsequent pages, but not the first. Someone else set up this worksheet. How can I do this? Answer: If you click on the Page Layout tab, you will probably find that the worksheet is scaled less than 100%. The width or height may say automatic or 1 page, meaning that… Continue Reading