Question of the week of Aug 24 – Using specialized applications

Question: Is there a location on campus where I can use applications such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator if I don’t have it on my computer?

Answer: Our Faculty Development Center located in the Business Service Center (4230 Bldg) room 2093, is available 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Other hours by appointment. Four development workstations – 3 PC and an iMac are available. Photoshop is available on both the PC and Mac platforms. Other software loaded on the various machines include:

  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Articulate Presenter
  • Final Cut Express
  • Sorensen Squeeze
  • Microsoft Office products
  • Flash Encoder Suite
  • Various other useful utilitarian utilities such as Fetch, Adobe Soundbooth, WSFTP, etc.

We have the ability to capture video from DVDs, VHS tapes, digital videotape (both HD and SD formats). We can also encode video to Flash, Quicktime, RealMedia, and WMV formats. There is a slide copier, as well.

The FDC also has a Wacom tablet for aspiring artists and other technicians who need to be able to draw in a digital format. If there are any other particular programs of interest, just ask and I can tell you whether we’ve got it.

For more information you may contact Matthew Rutledge, 559-4048.


Question of the week for 8/4/08 – Adobe Photoshop


I’m looking at a list of Adobe licenses from UNL’s website for computer sales – I also have a list with products for print design and graphics. I can’t figure out what I should request. I need to be able to edit pictures for my department’s newsletter and website. Should I be looking at PhotoShop extended CS3 V 10 (WIN) or PhotoShop Elements (Win)? Pricing seems to go from $0.00 to $283.Do you know if one can purchase PhotoShop through them for personal use, also?

Answer:  Photoshop is a much more powerful photo editing program than Photoshop Elements, however Elements works fine for most people. Photoshop is part of the Creative suite which might be useful for your department because you get several other powerful programs included too, such as Illustrator, Acrobat, and more. ITS provides Photoshop Basics classes, which will help you in using the program. The current price I see on that site for the Creative Suite is $250 plus the media (which I don’t see a price for).  Sometimes it is best to call the bookstore directly to make sure you get the correct items. The phone numbers are at the bottom of the web page.

Unfortunately, the licenses are only available to University departments, not for personal use. Therefore, I’d probably purchase Photoshop Elements for my personal use unless you really need to use those powerful features. I think you can purchase that for around $49, but you may want to shop around for that in local stores or in the University bookstores – which are not site licenses. Photoshop for personal use is hundreds of dollars.