Question of the week of 11/14/11 – convert a PDF file to Word

Question: How do I convert a PDF file to a Word document so someone can edit it?

Answer:  You have to have Adobe Acrobat installed (Adobe reader will not allow you to do this) on your computer and then with that document open, select File > Save as and select the file type Word document. You can also use the File > Export > Word Document. You may find, however, that it may not convert perfectly into Word. It is better to get the original source document before it was published as a PDF and then make your edits prior to converting or saving as PDF, to avoid any surprises. If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat, that is the only way to do it unless you have a different PDF editor.


Question of the week of 6/20/11 – Printing multiple scanned images into one PDF

Question: I have a very large Adobe PDF document which consists of many files imported into one file. Some were scanned documents, and others were a variety of other applications. Unfortunately, there are many unusual sizes and I would like to have them print on 8.5 x 11. How can I do that?

Answer: When you use the File > Print feature, try some of the options under page Scaling, such as Shrink to Printable Area. You can also print multiple pages onto one sheet.

Question of the week of May 31 – Printing a PDF file to Poster size

Question: I am trying to print a PDF file to a special poster printer and it is only printing 8.5 x 11. What is the problem?

Answer: First, you need to change your printer settings/properties to match the size of your paper. If you are setting it up for a printer at another location, you can have it print to an adobe pdf  file in order to change your paper size. You can add a custom setting in your properties and then make sure you select it before printing. (Sometimes you think you changed it but you really just added the setting and the printer is still selecting 8.5 x 11). Then make sure your page scaling is set for Fit to Printable area.