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Strange fonts printing to PDF file – Use Chrome browser

Question: I am having problems with a file I printed to PDF. When I open it in Adobe Reader the font changes and is not readable. This has always worked before until I got a new computer with Windows 7. Answer:  I opened the file and the same thing happened for me, both in Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat. But I have Word 2013 and opened it and the fonts were readable. So in order to better troubleshoot the problem, I had to get more… Continue Reading

PDF form data not printing

Question: I sent someone a PDF form I created to be filled out. They returned it to me by email but it looked like an empty form. If I clicked on the fields I could see the data but it would not print out. Is there a way to print the form with the completed information? Answer: It could be the person completing the form had a Mac. For some reason when it is saved as a PDF and returned, the data in the fields… Continue Reading

Allow Adobe Reader to Save PDF Forms

Question: I have created a PDF form in Adobe Acrobat but users who have Adobe Reader have not been able to save the completed form. Is there a way they can do that? Answer: Yes, however the creator of the form must save it with “Reader Extended Features.”  In Acrobat 9 this is found on the Advanced menu option. With Acrobat X it is found from File > Save As. With Acrobat X you can select saving form data, commenting, and digitally signing the form,… Continue Reading

Question of the week of 11/14/11 – convert a PDF file to Word

Question: How do I convert a PDF file to a Word document so someone can edit it? Answer:  You have to have Adobe Acrobat installed (Adobe reader will not allow you to do this) on your computer and then with that document open, select File > Save as and select the file type Word document. You can also use the File > Export > Word Document. You may find, however, that it may not convert perfectly into Word. It is better to get the original… Continue Reading

Question of the week of 6/20/11 – Printing multiple scanned images into one PDF

Question: I have a very large Adobe PDF document which consists of many files imported into one file. Some were scanned documents, and others were a variety of other applications. Unfortunately, there are many unusual sizes and I would like to have them print on 8.5 x 11. How can I do that? Answer: When you use the File > Print feature, try some of the options under page Scaling, such as Shrink to Printable Area. You can also print multiple pages onto one sheet.