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Strange fonts printing to PDF file – Use Chrome browser

Question: I am having problems with a file I printed to PDF. When I open it in Adobe Reader the font changes and is not readable. This has always worked before until I got a new computer with Windows 7.

Answer:  I opened the file and the same thing happened for me, both in Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat. But I have Word 2013 and opened it and the fonts were readable. So in order to better troubleshoot the problem, I had to get more information about where the file was originally and how it was converted to PDF. Turns out it was from a database she accessed from the web and she printed it to a PDF. She explained she had problems in the past when using Firefox, but it would always work with Internet Explorer. So that was a clue that it might be a browser issue.

I have found Google Chrome a wonderful browser. It seems to correct odd problems like this, so she was quickly able to download and install Chrome, logged into her database and printed to a PDF …..successfully! Thank you again, Chrome!!

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