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Grouping by days of the week in a pivot table

Question: I am trying to create a report from Excel data that was exported from a web application that has date fields and values in which I can get an average of values for the various days of the week. How can I do that?

Answer:  If your data contains a date field, you can display the day of the week using one of the date formatting styles, but a pivot table does not allow you to group by days of the week. However, you can create a new column for your your data which creates a text field from the date field  –  i.e. =text(A2, “dddd”). Then copy that formula down the column (shortcut to copy is  double clicking on the dragging handle) and be sure to add a column heading. Then save your file before creating a pivot table. You can now add that field in the pivot table and you can change value field settings (in the values section) from sum to average.

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