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Exporting multiple Excel sheets to Word

Question: I have an Excel workbook with multiple worksheets and would like to send it to Word for printing. The main reason is I want it to print as an entire document and spread cells across pages.

Answer: Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a way to accomplish that other than copying and pasting the tables into Word. You can, however, print the entire workbook out, but the cells do not break across pages. If you wish to keep the information in Excel, I would suggest that you go to the affected cells that needs to be split to another page and split the cell and/or add a new row. Otherwise, you can only export one worksheet at a time. If this is a document that you’ll be using frequently, you should probably take the time to paste it into Word or save each worksheet as an individual file and then insert the files as objects into Word. If anyone has any other suggestions, please advise.

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