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Changing Excel page layout options

Question: I have a spreadsheet which has 14 point font, but when it prints out the text is much smaller? Also, I am trying to change page headings. I need to change the heading on subsequent pages, but not the first. Someone else set up this worksheet. How can I do this?

Answer: If you click on the Page Layout tab, you will probably find that the worksheet is scaled less than 100%. The width or height may say automatic or 1 page, meaning that the originator of this file wanted to have the spreadsheet print on one page only. If you change it to 100%, the font will stay at 14 point. However, your worksheet may print over more than one page.

You’ll also notice if you click the slanted arrow in the lower right of the Page Setup grouping, you’ll see more options. Clicking on the Sheet tab will indicate if a row is repeated at the top. If so, delete the item and this will remove the rows to be repeated at the top of each page, and you can add headings manually where you want them.

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