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Sharing calendar gives error message

Question: I am trying to share my calendar with someone but am getting an error message that says, “Policy does not allow granting permissions at this level to one or more of the recipients. Please select another permission level and send the sharing invite again.” I am using the Share option from the ribbon.

Answer: I normally use the permissions to set up a calendar for use by another, but I tested this out with my calendarĀ and it worked fine. But then I tried it by selecting a name that popped up from my suggested (or recent) contacts. When I tried sharing this way, I got a different type of error message. So I suggested that she try using the Address book to select the name and by golly, that did the trick! So when getting unusual error messages after selecting a name from the popup/suggested names, try selecting from the address book instead. I have noticed similar problems occasionally when sending emails to several people and selecting the suggested names.

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