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Ribbon command icons disappear

Question: When I logged on to Email this morning I found that the home menu was missing.  I click on Home and the menu bar reappears, but the minute I do anything else it disappears.  Is there something that I did to change the interface behavior?  I prefer to seen the menu/icon bars visible at all times. 

Answer: More than likely you may have double clicked on a ribbon tab, which “hides” the icons to allow for more space. Just double click on the ribbon tab again, and the icons will re-appear permanently. If you are using Office 2013, you may have inadvertently clicked on the collapse button ^  on the upper right side of the screen (even with the ribbon) that collapses the ribbon. To make it reappear, you can use icon on the upper right of the window next to the minimize _ button to autohide the ribbon, show tabs or show tabs and commands.

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