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Access Query Questions

Question: I added a field to my Access table but when I tried to modify a query and add that new field, it didn’t appear? What is happening?

Answer: If your query came from a table, then you should be able to add the field. If the query was actually created from another query, then that could be why the field doesn’t appear on the list. In looking at the query, it was coming from a query by the same name as the table. When we started a brand new query, the new field appeared on the field list.

Question: I am using Access 2010 and am adding criteria to a query. Every time I enter F or M for the Gender field up pops autocorrect function commands and if I press enter it replaces the F or M with a function, which I don’t want! I have found I can press the space bar after and it will keep the F. This happens all the time for other fields too, and I want to turn it off!

Answer: In checking online discussion groups, it appears this is a new “feature” of Access 2010, and there is no way to disable it. One person suggested placing quotes around the entry, but instead of typing 1 letter, you end up typing 3. Maybe if many people continue to complain about this “feature” Microsoft will make a way to disable it. If anyone learns of a way to disable it, please let me know!

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