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OneNote for the holidays….and MORE!

Question: Do you have any handouts or learning resources for OneNote?

Answer: I recently stumbled upon a really great resource at Microsoft, 15 minute video blogs every Tuesday around 11:15 a.m. – our time. November 12 featured OneNote for the Holiday. It is a very nice, quick overview on how to use OneNote, and it includes other links to OneNote resources.

Using OneNote for holiday planning is a fun way to learn the application, and then you can feel more comfortable using it for work projects. Not only that, you can save your notebook “in the cloud” so that you can use it or share it with others from home computers, tablets or smartphones! I have used OneNote to keep track of holiday card lists, gift lists, recipes, decorating, vacation planning, gardening, and of course, work projects! You must not, however, keep work notebooks in the cloud if you have sensitive information. But you can save OneNote notebooks on secure network drives to share with others. OneNote also integrates well with other Microsoft applications, especially Outlook.

Be sure to check out Microsoft’s list of 15 minute video blogs.

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