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Excel file keeps getting bigger

Question: I have an Excel file  I filtered and then copied “visible cells only” to a new worksheet, so that I could maintain formulas. However, the smaller file size increases to an enormous file size, making it very slow for working with and impossible to email. What is causing this?

Answer: It appears that when you copy visible cells to a new worksheet that it pasted in the blank columns and rows also. You can tell this by noticing the scroll box along the vertical scroll bar remains at the top while scrolling down. You can also click in cell A1 and press Ctrl+Shift+End to go to the last cell of the active worksheet.

Select and delete the columns to the right of your data, and select and delete the rows below your data, and then save your file and close. You should notice the file size decreases to about what it was before. I still am at a loss as to why this happens, but have run into similar questions from users recently about data ranges including blank rows and columns. Here is a link which also includes an add-in you can download to remove excess rows and columns also.  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/244435

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